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meet the team

Our coach

Jan gremmen

Triathlon/Endurance Coach

Jan is the coach of the team. He is a 5 times Full Distance Triathlon finisher, a 2 times Half IronMan World Champs qualifier and he finished 15 half distance triathlons so far. 


He started doing triathlon in 2012 after having played soccer for 25 years in his home country, The Netherlands. When moving to Dubai in 2012 he got in touch with triathlon and fell in love. Stopped working in IT in 2016 and started working as a triathlon and indoor cycling coach for Bespoke Ride in Dubai.


Since October 2019 and a move to Singapore and now back home in the Netherlands, coaching is his full time job


  • INSCYD - How to use the Power-Performance Decoder Certification

  • IronMan Coaching Certification

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

  • STRYD Running Coach Certification

  • TrainingPeaks Essentials

  • TrainingPeaks Advanced Essentials

  • TrainingPeaks Power Certification

  • TrainingPeaks University

  • Endure IQ - Long Distance Triathlon 101: The Practical Application of Low Carbohydrate Performance for Long Distance Triathlon

  • Endure IQ - Long Distance Triathlon 102 - Training Program Fundamentals for Long Distance Triathlon

  • Endure IQ - Long Distance Triathlon 103 - Optimizing Long Distance Triathlon Training and Performance in the Heat

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